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Horizon, powered by Seceon is a global provider of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence driven cyber threat detection and remediation platforms for Enterprises and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) to address the ever-growing challenges of cybersecurity. The platform empowers Enterprises and MSSPs to analyze operational security data, proactively detect threats and vulnerabilities, and automatically contain and eliminate them in real-time. Horizon’s products powered by Seceon are built on the Open Threat Management (OTM) platform to support enterprises and MSSPs with flexible deployment options which includes aiSIEM™, aiXDR™ and aiMSSP™.


Horizon’s aiSIEM powered by Seceon, is a powerful tool that complements Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) empowering Enterprises and MSSPs to detect and eliminate all known and unknown cyberthreats in real-time.

  • Most advanced SIEM with actionable intelligence and automatic threat containment & elimination
  • A solution easy to install, implement, and operationalize with minimal configuration and management
  • Advanced event correlation (on-premises and cloud) and behavioral patterns with AI and Dynamic Threat Models
  • Behavior baselining and profiling for anomaly detection leveraging Machine Learning techniques
  • Exhaustive reporting across several key areas – security, compliance, operations, and investigation
  • Designed for modern IT Hybrid-cloud infrastructures and helps organizations with continuous compliance and risk assessment

Interested to learn more? Click here to download Horizon aiSIEM Datasheet.


Horizon’s aiXDR powered by Seceon, takes grey and white spaces out of the cyber security canvas, leaving nothing to guesswork, abandonment or fate, making it a truly “One Stop Shop” for multi-layered protection against threats, attacks, compromises, and exploits.

  • A Machine Learning and AI platform built on big/fast data architecture
  • Fast correlation of multiple threat indicators provides clear and concise alerts/events
  • Analysts spend significantly less time determining false positives since relational event sequencing is performed automatically
  • Integrated threat intelligence that significantly simplifies their decision and response procedures
  • Comprehensive visibility of all assets, flows, applications, and their interactions
  • An integrated solution that covers compliance and a broad spectrum of use cases

 Interested to learn more? Click here to download Horizon aiXDR Datasheet.


Horizon’s aiMSSP powered by Seceon, is a multi-tier, multi-tenant platform that combines the power of dynamic SOC with the unparallel advantage of Advanced SIEM and EDR (Extended Detection and Response) solutions to offer in-depth cyber security solution.

  • Multi-Tier Multi-Tenant by design to preserve integrity and privacy
  • Automatic threat detection and remediation capability, making it the most versatile managed detection and response platform in the market
  • Enhanced data analytics beyond rules
  • Advanced artificial intelligence with actionable remediation information
  • 24×7 SOC Monitoring and Management – Proactive automated and human interactive resolutions
  • Ability to address a wide range of client cybersecurity requirements at speed and scale, delivering data protection and differentiated services
  • Enables organizations to achieve continuous compliance with corporate policies and regulatory standards

    Interested to learn more? Click here to download Horizon aiMSSP Datasheet.


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