We place our customers’ missions first, and believe our own success will follow. Horizon builds excellent multidisciplinary teams that work together, contributing unique perspectives which maximize client results. Horizon’s culture ensures that each employee is constantly learning and acquiring new skills to continually improve the client experience.



Horizon will continue to develop its support capabilities in order to cover the full range of IT and management solutions. We adapt the Best of the Best Practices, tailor them to our customers’ unique situations, and apply our proven CMMI and ISO management principles adapting them to suit the customers’ culture and constraints. To our current and future clients, Horizon strives to always be the best value IT and management service provider.


Executive Team

Tim Clifford

Executive Vice President (Partner)

Nate Gentzel

Chief Operating Officer (Partner)

Jim Sweeney

Vice President – DoD Portfolio

Shell Hulcher

Vice President – Appian/DHS Portfolio

Peter Kim

Deputy Vice President – Appian Portfolio

Dale Williams

Director – Business Development

Cathy Williams

Contracts Manager

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